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Kalper .32 cc diesel

The Kalper .32 cc was an extremely neat and compact little British sideport diesel that was produced in relatively small numbers between 1948 and 1951 by a firm called Seymour, Hylda & Co. of Southwick, near Brighton in Sussex. Almost nothing is known about this company apart from the fact that they were a firm of engineer's instrument makers. The quality of construction of their products is certainly well up to toolmaker standards. 

Like its larger companion Foursome 1.2 cc model from the same manufacturer, the Kalper .32 was notable both for its unusual construction and its extremely long stroke by comparison with the bore. This latter feature did not prevent the engine from starting and running extremely well.

Both the Kalper .32 and Foursome 1.2 models were initially marketed by the well-known hobby shop and mail order house of Arthur Mullet & Co. of 16 Meeting House Lane in Brighton. However, the Foursome was unable to compete in the marketplace with such rivals as the Mills 1.3, resulting in its withdrawal in late 1949. Mullet dropped the Seymour, Hylda range at that time, leaving the marketing of the Kalper .32 to be taken up by another Brighton model shop, South Coast Models of 37 West Street, Brighton. Eventually, they too dropped the Kalper, and the engine was sold directly by Seymour, Hylda & Co. for a time before finally being phased out in 1951. 

Full details of the Kalper .32 and its Foursome companion from the same manufacturer may be found in my earlier Kalper/Foursome article on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site.  





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