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Pinotti GP engines

The Pinotti GP engines were manufactured in Sweden during the years 1938 - 1950. Their manufacturer was Italian-born Giancarlo (Carlo) Pinotti, who visited Sweden in 1926 and moved there permanently in 1930. Pinotti had the distinction of becoming the first commercial manufacturer of model engines in Sweden when he introduced his GP (or JP) 7.5 spark ignition model in 1938.

The range consisted of a series of 7.5 cc spark ignition models which were followed in 1944 by the first of two diesel models having displacements of 1.5 cc and 1 cc respectively. There was also a very low-production 1.5 cc version of the final 1 cc design. The engines were manufactured by Carlo Pinotti working with his son Gianmario (Mario) Pinotti in the family's home workshop, hence being produced in very small numbers. This was very much a family initiative amounting to a cottage industry - even Carlo's wife Ella participated by making the ignition coils for the sparkers. 

The engines were produced to extremely high standards of quality, also performing very well by the standards of their day. However, the very limited production which was achieved has had the effect of making them extremely rare today. 

For the full details of this fascinating story, see the detailed article on the Pinotti GP engines to be found elsewhere on this web-site. 



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