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Alag range

The Alag range of high-quality model engines was manufactured in Communist Hungary during the years 1955 - 1959. For reasons which are somewhat unclear at this point in time, the range acquired a reputation for indifferent quality during the classic era. Present-day experience confirms beyond doubt that this reputation was completely undeserved - the Alag engines are well up to the quality standards of their contemporaries - in fact, better than most. 

The range included both diesel and glow-plug engines in a range of displacements from 1 cc (.06 cuin.) up to 5 cc (.29 cuin.). Thanks to some energetic marketing efforts by the Hungarian authorities, a considerable number of these engines found their way to Western countries, where they are still frequently encountered today (2015) on the collector market. The full story of the Alag range may be found in an in-depth article on this web-site.  

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