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E.D. 2.49 cc Mk. III

The E.D. Mk. III diesel of 2.49 cc displacement was introduced into the British marketplace with little fanfare in early 1948. It was the E.D. company's first venture into what was to become the International competition standard displacement category of 2.5 cc. It was also E.D.'s first crankshaft front rotary valve (FRV) design. It appeared in a number of distinct versions, the most distinctive of which was a now very rare sideport variant. 

Although it ran very well and did set an early speed record for model cars, the engine was soon outpaced by other competing designs, hence not constituting the stellar performer that perhaps it should have been. Consequently, it did not sell in great numbers. Probably no more than 6,000 examples of all variants inclusive were made during the engine's approximately 21/2 year production life prior to its replacement in early 1951 by the far more successful disc rear rotary valve (RRV) E.D. 2.46 cc Mk. III Racer.

Full details of this rather nice but now largely forgotten model may be found in the E.D. Mk. III article on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site. That article was written by the present author in collaboraton with leading E.D. expert Kevin Richards. For the full story of the E.D range in general, see my E.D. article on this web-site. 

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