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Enya 36-4CD

The Enya 36-4CD was the second model in Enya's series of four-stroke diesels. The concept of producing a four-stroke R/C diesel took shape in the early years of the third millenium, with the first Enya four-stroke diesel model, the Enya 41-4CD unit of 0.41 cuin. (6.64 cc) displacement appearing on the market in 2006. This model was followed in May 2012 by the appearance of an updated and lighter version of the engine, the Enya 36-4CD of 0.36 cuin. (5.89 cc) displacement. Both of these models operate on the fixed-compression principle, although a convenient means of adjusting the compression ratio between runs is provided. This involves the use of a dummy glowplug which can be shimmed to change the combustion chamber volume. The engines start and run extremely well, with surprisingly low and dependable idling speeds as a bonus. The full story of the Enya four-stroke diesels diesels may be found on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site. 



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