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AHC diesel

The AHC (America's Hobby Center) diesel of 0.12 cuin. (2 cc) displacement is a classic example of a commercial model engine that never was!  It was designed by AHC boss Bernie Winston during 1946, being scheduled for release to the public in 1947. At least one prototype was completed, along with the necessary crankcase die. A sizeable batch of perhaps 1000 crankcase castings was also produced using this die. However, for reasons which are now somewhat obscure, the project stalled at that point, leaving almost all of the crankcase castings unused. A number of engines have subsequently been completed using examples of these original castings. The illustrated example of the engine is one of these which was constructed by my late and much-missed mate Ron Chernich. The engine runs well, albeit at relatively modest levels of performance.

The complete AHC diesel story and its relationship to the infamous Deezil model may be found on Ron Chernich's "Model Engine News" (MEN) web-site.  

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