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"T" engines

Here’s a Wotizit with a difference!  It’s not one Wotizit but a series of them, all apparently from the same source.

My Aussie mate Bob Allan tells me that these “T” engines first appeared on eBay, to his knowledge anyway, back in 2011, and the seller was a Canadian who lived very close to my own home! I probably know him, although his name is not recorded. I’m presently aware of both glow and spark ignition versions of the smaller .09 cuin. model plus a larger .40 cuin. glow.

The most recent seller (February 2018) offered examples of both glow and spark versions of the .09 model as “Taipan” engines made in Australia c. 1958. The sole basis for his doing so was apparently the appearance of the letter "T" on the cases plus a tag attached to one of the engines – never an authoritative indication of origin. Although the seller did not specifically cite the engines as products of Gordon Burford, the description very clearly implied such a connection.

Apart from the fact that they look far newer than that, there’s no question at all that they are not members of Gordon Burford’s famous Australian-made Taipan range. When this was pointed out to the most recent seller, the listings were quite properly withdrawn. In fact, the .09 model appears to incorporate some O.S. Pet components.

Which leaves us with the question – given that they’re definitely not Taipans, who did make them, when and where??  If anyone out there knows, please get in touch!!

The story of this listing also highlights a vitally important point – when listing any collectible on eBay or elsewhere, it’s essential to take pains to ensure that the description is completely unambiguous. Moreover, if you're buying, do whatever it takes to satisfy yourself that the listing is accurate - don't believe a tag!! That’s what the articles on this website are all about!  



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