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Two glow-plug engines

Here's a pair of glow-plug engines which are clearly from the same maker. They were submitted by Tim Dannels. Looking at the style of their plugs, they have a bit of an Eastern European look about them.

Tim hasn't measured them up, but assesses them as around 1 cc or possible smaller. Both are barstock productions all the way. They are identical apart from the induction - one has a reed valve, while the other has a rear drum valve. Both feature radial porting. They certainly reflect some serious effort, dare one say beyond the amateur level?

My mate Maris Dislers has commented that there may be a connection with MP Jet. He draws attention to the design of the prop driver grip face and needle valve as well as the muffler at a stretch. It seems possible that they may represent a design exercise that did not meet the desired performance standards or perhaps encountered manufacturing/cost issues. It's also possible that they simply didn't stimulate enough market interest when shown to prospective distributors.

Maris notes that the glow button is similar to the type made in Russia for F2A Speed engines - not so different from those in the VA .020 and similar products, although it differs from those supplied for the MP Jet .061 F1J version, in which the centre post looks much like that on a Cox TD. Still, a good suggestion from Maris! 

Someone out there must surely recognize these two!  If so, let's hear from you! 


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