FROG 349 R/C needle valve

Paul Venne has sent an inquiry regarding the needle valve for a FROG 349 R/C in his possession. Can anyone advise Paul?  It looks like the spray bar is not correct. It is a double hole and the holes are only about 1/4 of the way across the carburetor barrel opening and if oriented side to side they look very restricted or flow resistant. Paul’s question is – is this original??? On contemplation, it seem that if both holes are in line with the axis of air flow it might run, but Paul  wonders. Anyone have experience with a problem like this or specifically with this engine in R/C form?

4 thoughts on “FROG 349 R/C needle valve

  1. i have a couple of 3.49’s – going to RAF Leuchars with Air Cadets tomorrow, but will check out the FROG 3.49’s R/C Needle Valve tomorrow when I get back.

    Regards to all FROG lovers


    1. Thanks, Don! Please keep us posted. Also, look out for next month’s feature article on the FROG 1.5 cc models. FROG forever!!



  2. Adrian,

    I have an original H/s engine with what may be a Dooling brothers initials crudely scribed on the top of one of the exhausts,..
    I also have a Bungay 600 original, serial 150. I’ve run it and it is smooth and a fine runner.
    I also have the Orr and 2nd model Ball 60.both originals.
    I have a original YJ61JJ ignition new.
    Walt craig, MECA 462

    1. Thanks for that, Walter – nice collection! What’s the difference between the first and second model Ball 60?



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