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PAL Model Products

PAL Model Products is a small model engine marketing concern located in White Plains, New York, USA. It was established in the 1990's as a joint venture between Bob Langelius Sr., Dave Acton and the late Neville Palmer. The engines marketed by PAL are manufactured to very high standards in the Ukraine by TechnoHobby. 

PAL Model Products first came to the attention of model engine enthusiasts worldwide through its release of the lovely little LOLA .020 (0.3 cc) FRV diesel. Although it looks like a dieselized version of the K&B Infant, it is in fact a completely original design in functional terms. Limited numbers of this jewel-like engine remain available at the time of writing (November 2016) at a reduced price of US $172.00. Better hurry if you want one! 

More recently the company has arranged for the manufacture of a series of examples of the delightful little 0.4 cc Pesky sideport diesel which was designed by the late Roger Whittingham of England. This beautiful little model also remains available at a price of US$141.00. 

You can order these wonderful little engines through the company's website. Alternatively, you can contact Bob by email through this link