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Melcraft 29

The Melcraft 29 spark ignition motor was a basically conventional plain bearing sideport design with a few odd design quirks which set it apart. It was manufactured in fairly substantial numbers between late 1945 and late 1947 by the Melcraft Machine & Motors Co. of Saginaw, Michigan, USA. 

Two unusual design features distinguished the Melcraft. For one thing, it had a front intake facing directly into the slipstream, supposedly to create a "super-charging" effect. For another, the actual cylinder port was located at the side beneath the exhaust port, being connected to the intake by an annular passage formed in the upper crankcase interior. This was claimed to "pre-heat" the incoming mixture, although why this should confer an advantage is not clear. 

The engine was quite well made and ran OK, although the spring which closed the points could have been made stronger with some advantage. Later examples were equipped with stronger springs. A full review and test of the Melcraft 29 will appear in due course on this website.  

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