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Aurora Mille 5 cc diesel

The Aurora Mills 5 cc diesel was one of a number of Mills look-alikes manufactured in relatively small numbers by the Aurora Model Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. of Calcutta, India (now correctly rendered as Kolkata). The company had owned teh rights to use of the Mills name and designs since 1965, along with the original tooling for the classic Mills .75 and 1.3 models. 

The Aurora company became well known for its reproduction Mills engines in .75 cc and 1.3 cc displacements. The company also produced limited numbers of Mills lookalike models in 1 cc, 1.5 cc, 3.5 cc, 5 cc and even 6 cc sizes.  The illustrated engine is one of about fifty 5 cc models which were manufactured by Aurora. Unlike the original Mills engines, this one has a twin ball-race crankshaft.  It is also fitted with an R/C throttle. Although a bit roughly-made in spots, it starts and runs really well.

The complete start-to-finish history of the Aurora model engine range may be found in a separate article on this site. A full test of the Aurora Mills 5 cc model will follow in due course.



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