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Dyne range

The Dyne range of model engines was manufactured in Britain on a very small scale during the early post-WW2 period. The identity of the actual manufacturer of these engines is now seemingly lost to us - all that is known for certain is that the range was marketed and nationally advertised between early 1947 and mid 1949 by a Cardiff, South Wales, retail outlet named Watkins Stores. It seems likely, however, that the range actually had its genesis in 1946 prior to the involvement of Watkins Stores.

Based upon a direct examination of several examples, it's evident that very high standards of precision were applied to the construction of these engines. Their external appearance was completely unpretentious, with little effort being expended upon tarting them up to enhance sales appeal, but all internal fits and finishes were beyond reproach. Sadly, this did not translate into high levels of performance - in fact, the engines seem to have been rather ordinary performers even by the standards of their introductory dates. They were also notably heavy for their displacements. That said, they started easily and ran very steadily.

The most surprising aspect of the Dyne range is the sheer number of different models which are known to have been offered despite the very low production figures evidently achieved. No fewer than nine distinct models (three diesel, five spark ignition and one glow-plug) have been conclusively identified, and it's not impossible that there could have been more. None of these models seem to have been made in significant numbers. Consequently, examples in good condition are very rare indeed today. 

Much more information on the Dyne range may be found in a separate article on this web-site. 

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